Monday, October 4, 2010

Shutter Island Movie - Delusions Rule - SCARF Film Festival - Day 3

The English movie, "Shutter Island", was the last movie shown on the concluding day of the SCARF film festival. With due credit to all the wonderful Indian movies shown in the festival, Shutter Island was a class apart in terms of depth of portrayal of delusion, storyline, excellent locations, and inspiring acting of DiCaprio.

The film starts with DiCaprio investigating the escape of a insane woman criminal housed in a mental home in Shutter Islands. DiCaprio, later finds out that the home is using the inmates for medical research and unleashing a band of insane criminals by cruelly programming them!!!

However, the last 15 minutes of the movie tells the real story. DiCaprio is the deeply affected and highly dangerous insane guy. He killed his insane wife as she drowned their three children in a lake. DiCaprio feels that he could have saved his kids had he got timely help for his wife. He turns insane due to the deep guilt. He is actually a patient in Shutter Islands for two years. However, he deludes himself into an artificial world where he is the one hunting for the guilt ridden and everyone is trying to stop him or get him.

Delusion is when people create an artificial world to escape harsh reality. Delusions occur due to mental illness. In the movie, another woman in the mental home imagines she is still at her home. And all her inmates in the mental home take on different roles like milk man, newspaper boy, doctor and so on. Hope timely help and medications help all such deluded souls.

41 short films competed in the film festival and 13 were short-listed. Actor Suhashini Manirathnam was the chief guest and gave away the awards to the top six films.

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