Monday, October 25, 2010

Beaches in Thalassery, Kerala

Beaches in Thalassery do not have wide expanse of sands as in Marina beach of Chennai. But, there are beautiful coconut islands in the midst of these beaches. In the morning, the sea water is well behind these islands. So, people who want to picnic can walk to these islands. If they they want to return in the afternoon, the water would have advanced towards the shore sands. So they take a boat and reach the shores to end their beachy picnic. Or they have to wait for the water to recede and go behind the island towards the end of the day.

The sand has different hues and designs. Crabs running around also create intrinsic patterns in the wet mud! The communist beach is now being renovated to attract tourists. A hotel is constructed and black and white marble tiles are being laid.


Sree said...

Beautiful pictures :) Even though from Kerala , I'm yet to explore these places . Isn't that Payyambalam beach , coz I haven't heard about the Thalassery beach . Thanks for sharing

Anitha said...

Yep, beautiful beach. It started raining heavily as soon as we walked away from the beach. The dark clouds are visible in the last but one pic.