Friday, October 15, 2010

Backwaters or Puzha in Thalassery, Kerala

Thalassery (or Tellicherry) is a small town on the western malabar coast of Kerala. Everywhere in Thalassery you will get a glimpse of the Arabian sea. The backwaters are very beautiful and is a haven for fishermen. The main catches are sea molluscs (Kallumakkai) that is made into various delicacies such as pickles, rice appams, and more. A common sandwich or stuffing for the various food delicacies in Thalassery is fish.

About 100 molluscs are sold for Rs.140. Not a very big profit margin, yet the livelihood of many people living near the backwaters. The mud near the backwaters is strewn with and decorated by different types of shells. A real feast for your eyes :)

Fishermen with their catch from the night
Crocodile rock and Mangroves

Fisherman all set to dive deep for molluscs

Sea Molluscs

Sea shells strewn all over

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