Monday, August 9, 2010

Advesa Trust Opens 2nd Children Library at Tondairpet, Chennai

Advesa Trust opened their 2nd children library named after Don Bosco. The library is housed inside  St.Joseph's Technical Institute, a 60-year-old institute that has been training underprivileged kids in vocational courses and sports.

So, how did Dr.Shanthi Chidambaram(founder of Advesa trust) discover the institute to establish the Don Bosco Library? One of her good friend and social worker Mithran Devanesan introduced her to the place where youngsters flock! Immediately, Dr.Shanthi decided to open Advesa Trust's second library inside the institute.

You will be surprised to know that 145 children enrolled as members of the library, on 7th August, 2010. The books were so new, colorful, and enticing that even elders will pick one to read. The library has fancy chairs, a wall mural, and a big table to place the books. The membership fee is Rs.10 for six months.

Contact Advesa Trust if you want to donate furniture and books for the DonBosco Library.

PS: Mr. Mithran Devanesen passed away today(9th august, 2010) after battling cancer. May his generous soul rest in peace.

Children enjoying the function
Kids busy with enrollment
Notebooks donated by Freemasons Trust
Aha, what a nice library!
Hey, we are having fun with books!

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