Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jeffrey Archer Short Stories Vs Kunal Basu Short Stories

I am reading "And Thereby Hangs a Tale" by Archer and "Japanese Wife" by Basu. Archer's collection of 15 short stories are about planned crimes(big and small) that will bring a smile on your face in the last two paragraphs. Archer appeals to your intellect and a clever strategy is employed and executed by the protagonist of every story that stimulates and interests your grey cells. Stuck on You, The Queen's Birthday Telegram, No room at the Inn, and I will survive are few stories with the usual Archer's twist in the tale. And 10 stories are marked as real by Archer with a * at the end of the story title. Reading Archer brought to my mind lines by Sun Tzu, "The one who has a well thought strategy has already won the war that is being fought by his opponent." Thinking outweighs fighting!

Basu on the other hand appeals to your emotions by writing about the finer aspects of life. The actors of the 12 short stories are driven by emotions, blind love, sentiments, quick decisions, illness, scattered relationships, and weird lifestyles. The "Japanese Wife" and "Long Live Imelda Marcos" are striking stories. The last paragraph or sometimes even the last few words of a story leave you dumbfounded. Reading Basu makes me think of the lines,"All is fair in love and war."

I'm lucky to be reading both the story collections at the same time - one a feast for your heart and other for your mind!

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