Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Piggy Chops Wins A National Award - Congrats!

In the movie Fashion, Priyanka Chopra (Piggy Chops) enacts an aspiring model from a middle-class family. She sets out to the city to meet a promoter who asks her if she wants to be a model. Piggy replies,” Super Model.” The lady immediately recognizes the “spark” and ambition in Piggy.

Then a producer chides Priyanka for her dress sense. Only minutes before meeting her, he would have sweat and pissed in his pants. But the show he puts on in front of Piggy – typical filmy style.

Priyanka excellently portrays the transition from a bindaas model to an arrogant one. Once she quips, “XYZ fashion agency is surviving because of ME.”

She is courted and wooed by a married director who makes her pregnant. He flashes a big poster of Piggy. But when Piggy wants to permanently bond with him, he cancels her contract and overnight a new poster girl appears.

Again Piggy does a stunning performance of a sunken model who drinks, sleeps with a total stranger, and finally aborts her baby. Erstwhile, Kangana delivers a stunning performance of another top model who is torn by catty women behind her guy, takes drugs, and drops (accidentally) her top during a catwalk! Both the women end up becoming insane.
Piggy helps Kangana to recover from her madness, but her attempts fail and Kangana commits suicide. Piggy is on a sabbatical. When she reappears in the fashion arena, the same director who wooed and used her, talks about her madness. But, Piggy walks the ramp again – smiling, triumphant, and confident.

Thus Priyanka portrays the phases of ambition, super success,fame, arrogance, temptation, downfall, and reinvention like a poem. Congrats to Piggy (best actress) and Kangana (best supporting actress) for winning the National Award for their superb performances. I love the song, Yeh Jalwa, Yeh Jalwa, Fashion Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa…

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