Saturday, February 13, 2010

Page 3 Movie - All About Paid News In Newspapers

Recently, there is a lot of buzz in the newspapers about paid news and its ill effects. Paid news is about money given by business houses to splash their advertisements or by politicians to highlight their election campaigns with bias.

Page 3 is the page in a newspaper which showcases the life of “Who is Who” of the film, business, political, and fashion industries. Page 3 is a Hindi movie that portrays paid-news and politics in the Fourth Estate or newspaper media. In the movie, Konkana Sen plays a conscientious journalist who works for Page 3. So, she attends all the happening parties in town to cover the incidents.

Once she writes an article about an upcoming painter. But the article does not appear in the paper. When she asks her editor about the omission, he quips,” Do not write about people who are zeros in their life. Write about people who have lot of zeroes – i.e. in their bank cheques.”

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) organizes a party to market himself and his future business plans in India. He spends a lot of money, invites celebrities; and makes sure the party photos make it to Page 3.

A high society lady starts a home for young deprived kids as she is ignored by her teenage daughter and richy rich husband. The lady commits suicide when her philandering husband misbehaves with a girl from the home itself! On her death, people are more concerned about what dress they will wear for the funeral ceremony rather than mourning her death. Homosexuals, paedophiles, and selfish people occupy Page 3.

The Page 3 journalists are ruthless too. They tell, "First create celebrities, then destroy them." Though Konkana enjoys being part of Page 3, she is put-off by the lifestyle of people who dominate Page 3.

And so, Konkana moves from Page 3 to Crime Beat section. Crime beat is about problems at grassroot levels of society. When she reports an incident of sexual abuse of kids with photographic evidence, she is forced to leave her job. And the article never sees the light of the day.

Later, Konkana re-enters the Page 3 arena, as she knows you have to be kicked, recoil, and be there, to bring changes. The background song plays, “Here ambitions run as deep as a sea and as high as the sky” ~ Yahan Zindagi Yeh Alagu Zindagi Hai…

Page 3 is a must watch movie for people who want a glimpse of paid news and happenings behind Page 3. As usual, the movie is a masterpiece from director Madhur Bhandarkar.

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