Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video on Cooking Delicious Puttu To Eat ~ How To

Puttu is a delicacy that can be served as breakfast or evening tiffen. Puttu can be had as a sweet dish by mixing with sugar, ghee, milk and/or bananas. Or it can be had as a salt dish by mixing with Papads, Chenna curry, and green beans.

Puttu is popular in Kerala and in few districts of Tamilnadu. Now for the cookery show.

What you need:
1) Puttu baking vessel called Puttu Kutti.
2) Readymade powder of Samba rice, boiled rice, ragi, or wheat. Fry the powder a bit if freshly prepared.
3) Grated coconut.

-Grated coconut:Samba rice powder ratio = 1:2.
-Don't make a dough. Just make a wet coarse mix of the powder.
-Fill the Puttu Kuzhai alternately with coconut and moistened mix.


JOSEPH said...

Only in Kerela/ kanyakumari district people are used to eating this Puttu. As you say, since no oil is involved, good food.

JOSEPH said...

As you said, puttu has no oil in it, and so a healthy food. You can see people in kerela and kanyakumari district of TN eating puttu often, even as a regular breakfast.

Anitha said...

Thank U. Nandri.