Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sam's Letters To Jennifer by James Patterson

I happened to pick up a Reader’s Digest select edition of four stories. And landed up reading a grandmother’s story ;)

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson was a beautiful story and a book that I read continuously after a long time. Sam is Jennifer’s grandmother and best friend. Sam hands over a bunch of letters that she has written to Jennifer. And the letters discuss Sam’s real love who was not Jennifer’s grandfather. A passionate story of secretive romance unfolds and holds you in thrall.
In one of the romantic escapades, Sam alias Samantha, describes the Aurora Borealis. Here are few words from the book about the Aurora Borealis.

As we watched, our eyes went wide as a glowing ribbon of green light stretched across the horizon and then drifted lazily upward until it became a transparent curtain shimmering above the water. The hem of the curtain brightened with a reddish gleam; then veils of purple and blue flared, and the sky seemed to shiver and sway.

It was an unforgettable moment. The entire sky was in motion, and as the undulating curtain passed right over us, bright points of light swirled like pinwheels. The aurora was actually a stream of electrons powered by the solar wind, colliding with atoms of gas. The impact causes the gas to emit light. The colour of the light depends on the type of gas. The green and red lights are oxygen; blue and purple are hydrogen and helium. Sodium is yellow. It’s like neon lighting without the tubes. It’s neon in the wild.

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