Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Musical Days@College - The Beats...

I was part of my college(Guindy Engineering) music troupe for around two years. Our troupe named the “Beats” was dominated by M.E students and quite a few talented B.E students.

Our practise sessions were more interesting than our on stage performance. We had a separate practise hall inside the college were we would assemble after college hours. We would practise with joy, pulling each others legs when possible. Our troupe was complete in the sense that we had a casio player, guitarists, drummers, and male and female singers. So, we did not hire or borrow talent from outside!!!

We performed at IIT (Madigras), MCC (Deepwoods), REC-Trichy, DalcemFes (Fest organized by Dalmia Cements), MIT, Stanley Medical College, Madras Medical College and few more colleges. Most of the time we won the first or second prize. Our constant competitor was Loyola College. If we won the first prize, Loyola would win second place and vice versa. But still we all were good friends of Loyola College music troupe members.

The hit song of our troupe was “Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba” by Salma Agha. Whoever sang the song used to get best vocalist award. I also got one when I sang the song at Stanley medical college. Incidentally, my mother was a HOD at SMC when I won the award.

My personal hit song was “Chinna Chinna Aasai” from the Tamil movie Roja. As usual, when I was on stage I used to freeze and only my voice would flow fluently. Showmanship on stage while singing was a no no for me!!!

The music troupe was referred to as OB gang( time-wasting gang) in college. Obviously, because the college was filled with the most studious people in town.

I had sang so much in college that my autograph book was filled with just comments about my singing and voice. That may be because I was reserved and my classmates would have seen me as a singer than as a friend!!

I enjoyed healthy friendships with all my Beats teammates and I'm still in touch with them. One of the singers Murali, now runs a music troupe named “Mouna Raagam.”

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