Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two Coconut Trees & Sparrows - Roots of Quarrel

Two coconut trees were standing nearby each other and touched one another whenever there was a gentle breeze. They became good friends.

There were few sparrows on each of the coconut trees. They would chat with each other. After few months, the sparrows were a little jealous of the friendship between the trees.

The sparrows spoke ill about the opposite coconut tree and the sparrows on it, to the tree on which they were sitting. The two coconut trees continued to listen to the sparrows but were still good friends.

But the sparrows would not stop. They fought with each other much to the chagrin of the coconut trees. Small tiffs between the trees were exaggerated by the sparrows. The trees were beginning to get a little irritated.

One day there was a cyclone. Storm winds blew. The coconut trees brush against each other. And this continued. Already a little irritated they started getting angry. When a heavy wind blew again, the coconut trees rammed into one another and fought like hell and broke a few branches.

The two coconut trees can be compared to a husband and wife and the sparrows to the in-laws. The trees can also be compared to two close friends, lovers, or business partners or even employer-employee. The sparrows can be compared to anyone trying to spoil a nice relationship by gossip,untrue speculations, and lies.


Sundar said...

Brilliant metaphor.... i too had something similar to share and I guess you might like it - - :-)

Anitha said...

Hey Sundar,

I read this article of your's when you posted it at TickledbyLife. I loved the article.

Yep, sex is the oil that keeps the wheels of marraige run smoothly.


kings said...

I second what sundar say... :)... two words...brilliant metaphor