Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murthy...a must read...

Sudha Murthy has excelled in the weaving and portrayal of interesting characters in the novel "Dollar Bahu". The novel revolves around a greedy lady Gouramma and of how her aspirations for the U.S dollar makes her get a glimpse of life in the U.S as compared to India.

Sudha concludes the novel saying that you must live life in the U.S without thinking about the benefits,uniqueness,culture of India, and vice versa. Otherwise, life in India or U.S may be filled with grief if you keep thinking "the other side is always greener".
After a very long time i found myself continously reading a novel without any break. Sudha has given lot of examples to illustrate the effect of the dollar and life in U.S. I just discovered(with my friend Google)that a TV serial has been made based on the novel "Dollar Bahu."


Angel said...

No Offence to Sudha Murthy!!

But a similar story has already been released as a Malayalam movie around 9-10 years back.. You know these Mallu directors, they always think ahead of their times..

A'ways, nice post dear... I like the kind of things you bring out to light.. Keep up the good work!!

Anitha said...

Yep, malayalam movies are always intellectual and practical. When video tapes were famous, my mom and aunt used to see a host of malayalam movies during the afternoons!! All Mamooty, Mohanlal,or Suresh Gopi flicks!!

About this book, i found it much more stimulating and entertaining as compared to other novels by Sudha Murthy.