Sunday, October 12, 2008

The SPAR hypermarket Dussehra extravaganza...

I came out of the Bangalore bannerghata road SPAR after shopping and was surprised to see a big crowd at the entrance. Then i turned around to look at a well-lit stage on the right. There was a big banner with the 10-headed god(Who Ravan???)and a compere to cheer and entertain the crowd.

A dance team was performing banghra, dressed in bright colours of yellow and green.

Next,the compere called out for people who can come and do push-ups. He encouraged the crowd by telling that a girl did 90+ pushups at a previous SPAR show.

So, the men jumped in to do pushups. They succeeded to hit 17, 27, 30, and so on. Finally, who else but a Mallu(you will find one in Mars too - quipped the compere)won the race by doing 40+ pushups and got to collect prizes from SPAR.
Then the audience were asked to dance. Few young girls and boys rocked on stage.

Again there was a dance troupe named "Oxygen" in black & white who sizzled on stage...

I did not feel like leaving the place. Sometimes i was tempted to jump on stage and dance (and scare people). And i could not recollect a peppy Hindi number at that time which i could sing. So, the unfortunate crowd could not hear my melodious voice ;-)

But, all good things have to come to an end ....And so my elation, happiness, satisfaction, and camera craziness, melted as i frantically started looking out for an auto to drive me back to my PG...

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