Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trinity College, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park - Ireland Trip - Part 6

Trinity college - known all over the world for music was part of the Dublin bus tour package - but with an entrance fee. The pink cherry blossom trees inside the college were a real beauty.

Dublin Zoo was the last destination of the Dublin bus tour. The zoo was divided into different zones like the Arctic, African etc - each zone housing the animals of their regions. Got to see pink flamingos, penguins, rhinos, different variety of monkeys, peacock, and more. Bongo bongo was the deer which had brown and white stripes like a zebra skin.

The Phoenix park where families relax and enjoy has beautiful flowers and trees.


Sri said...

Lovely photos!Wud have been a unforgotable experience...

Anitha said...

Yeah, a truly memorable experience.