Monday, December 10, 2012

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Open Roofs

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will open the roof of your house to marketers, data analysts,  psychologists, scientists, and research scholars from around the world. These immigrants into your home can hear what you say, see what you do, and even read your mind using brain scans. Sometimes, they can even hug you with a 3D technology. Or hypnotize you to act the way they want! So, ladies may become a part of legal or illegal porn movies!

So, how prepared are you to take in this FDI onslaught? Be careful when the lights are ON in your home. And dress up to show a dignified you. Ofcourse, encryption and smudging will safeguard your perceived physical privacy. Are we happy about satellite and GPRS now? Yes, ofcourse ;) 

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