Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cheating in the name of Marriage, Love, and Jobs

Ladies beware. There is a big porn business going on in town in the name of love, marriage, and jobs. Rich businessmen, pimps, and porn facilitators have now invaded the purity of Indian family and homes. These middlemen want to make porn movies that they can sell online via popular Social Media Sites. This porn business has an international market now, thanks to the advent of Cloud Computing

What is the weakness that these porn middlemen exploit? Greed, avarice, and a craze for power and luxury among middle class people has driven the online porn business. We need to buy fancy cars, luxury homes, and frequent resorts. You need lots of money to pay to high-class, glamorous prostitutes.  If you are in a ordinary job, you do not have the money to satisfy your gargantuan needs. So, make money by selling the sex videos - when you have sex with your girlfriend and wife in the name of love or marriage. 

How does the porn video recording happen? Use an in-house CCTV, camera, or a mobile phone. Or scan the sex action from above the sky using satellite-based GPRS systems. The porn video recording happens at home, in swimming pools, beauty parlors, resorts, lodges, and any public place. You can live webcast the sex act. Or store the sex video in the online cloud and sell the video via e-commerce. 

There seems to be no ethics and values when it comes to who the target woman is. The woman in question can be a mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or wife too. You cannot trust your mother, father, brother, lover, sister, and/or husband. Morals and family values have gone for a toss in the name of greed, power craze, and superiority. And who views these videos? The videos are viewed by a common man, politician, bureaucrat, or movie star too. 

When bad values have seeped into families, can corporates be far behind? During a job interview, they ask a woman employee if she will be 'very flexible' and work in the nights, weekends, and reduce time spent with family. She is asked to behave like a whore with her male colleagues and 'supply electricity' to men in office. So, companies have now become mini brothel houses. 

How can we stop this red dust storm invading peace and serenity of good homes in Indian cities? The mindset of  'money ruling the world' has to change. Instead, love, compassion, knowledge, and self-actualization should take priority in life. 

So, how much can greedy men and women exploit the need for love, harmony, communication, and warmth in normal beings? How do we protect ourselves? Be careful and alert. Maintain good physical and mental health. Depression, inferiority complex, jealousy, possessiveness are bad feelings that push people into dirty depths.  Beware of these bad feelings and bad thoughts. Control your negative emotions and be emotionally intelligent. Exercise, meditate, sing, dance, read, and have a healthy sex life with a good man you love. 

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Zephyr said...

The power of social media and its reach has corrupted individuals beyond belief. And no wonder this has also invaded sacred spaces like homes and relationships for the sake of a quick buck. But the danger doesn't seem to bother most of us -- yet.