Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A visit to Nethrodaya

I was planning to do something worthwhile for my third wedding anniversary. I was checking with my cousin sister about the various social work organisations. She popped out the name Nethrodaya and told that it was helping the visually challenged group. I decided that it was the right place to direct our efforts.

On the important day, we could not make it to the lunch we organized at Nethrodaya as it was raining heavily. Anyway, as soon as the rains subsided we dashed off to Nethrodaya in a call taxi.

Govind(the founder of Nethrodaya who is also visually challenged) welcomed us with a warm smile. He handed out few brochures and a photo album. It was nice to see popular names such as Revathy, Jeyam Ravi, and Vijayakumar supporting the NGO.

We later met the inmates who were mostly college going students. Govind pointed out that without the timely help of Nethrodaya these students may be forced to beg for survival.The students introduced themselves and shook hands warmly. I was moved when i walked out of the place.

You can know more about Nethrodaya at http://www.nethrodaya.org/.

Nethrodaya launched a cyber cafe for the visually challenged in August 2007.

As i work in the e-learning industry, i was thinking about how sensitive the companies placed in Australia, U.S, or Europe were to the visually challenged. Abroad it is a legal requirement that their e-learning courses are accessible to the visually challenged learner. But, i have still not come across an Indian firm that makes the "Alternative Text" a compulsion. Hope we will become more sensitive to the visually challenged learner in the times to come.

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Gayathri Varma said...

Hi Anitha,
Belated Anniversay Wishes. November 6th happens to be my wedding anniversary btw. Its heartening to note that both of you devoted your time on your important day to making the 'less fortunate' people happy. Way to go!
And you are absolutely right...we need to be more sensitive towards the visually challenged people and make writing Alternative Text compulsory in all the elearning courses we design. hope that becomes a reality soon.